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DogID, the new online platform for de registration of dogs

From today, the veterinarians, breeders and refuges have at their disposal a new online tool for the registration of dogs. After identifying themselves using their electronic identity card (eID) on, they can directly feed the database with information of dogs and their owners. They are thus able to facilitate and accelerate their administration.

DogID is following the regionalization of animal welfare in 2014 the new denomination of the database for the identification and registration of dogs in Belgium. These two operations are mandatory since 1 September 1998 and consist of a number of steps, including the completion of documents and returning them to Zetes Cards, manager of the database. The launch of the new platform is designed to facilitate the exchange of information. It offers a number of advantages for the user:

  • Real-time communication of the information of the dogs
  • Elimination of the paper administration for the registration of the dogs
  • Fasterregistrationprocedure
  • Elimination of mailing costs for the registration documents
  • Management of the via the internet interface communicated information


Jean-MarcJoiret, Project Manager of Zetes Cards: «DogID simplifies the work of the veterinarians, breeders and refuges and improves the exchange of information between the various stakeholders and with Zetes Cards. There is a gain in time 1 or 2 days to the procedure, which is an additional advantage, especially for the breeders for whom these time saving also means a financial profit. »

On the platform, the breeders can prepare the data of the animal. After that, only the signature of the veterinarian is required. This is done using theeID. If the user has forgotten his or her pin code, then a new can be requested at the Municipal Council. Animal refuges can change via the database the owner of the dogs taken care of, either by putting them on their own name, or by arranging the transfer to the new guest family.

Via the website, anyone can also consult the database to search dogs based on the identification number in order to find their owner. The site also contains useful information for the owners themselves on the registration rules, the legal aspects, etc.

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