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Only veterinarians are authorised to register a dog in our database. If you have just adopted a new pet, your vet will give it a microchip containing its ID number. Registration will link your data to your dog's data so that it will be recorded as having a home and a keeper.

DogID is following the regionalization of animal welfare the new denomination of the database for the identification and registration of dogs in Belgium, obligatory since 1st September 1998.

In particular, this means that you can:

  • get your dog back if it's lost or stolen
  • prove that you're your dog's owner
  • to uphold your rights in relation to the person who sold you your dog
  • to control the trade in dogs better

Since 7th June 2004, we have been providing a European passport which, in addition to containing the identification information, means that you have a unique document containing health detail, as well as all the important events in your dog's life.

Only passports issued by DogID can be used in Belgium as the new European passports for dogs

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