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Online DogID is a website for the online registration of dogs for professional users. Create as a dog breeder, refuge or veterinarian an account and get access to the online dog registration. Online DogID offers several features to smoothly and simple manage the registration of dogs: register, modify, replacement of passport, change of owner (refuges)

Important information as of the 24th of July 2017

Starting Monday 24/07/17 you will need the "eaZylink" software in order to read out the data from your eID when you perform the online registration. It will allow you to authenticate yourself and/or to sign with your eID. This software is browser independent. Its installation needs to be executed only once and will automatically show at your first log in from next Monday onwards.

Please find the manual in attach: Procédure eaZyLink

Space for vets, breeder and refuges

Information importante à partir du 1er mars 2017

Le contrat pour la gestion de la base de données des chiens, appelée DogID, vient d'être renouvelé et c'est à nouveau Zetes SA qui sera en charge de cette gestion pour 6 ans.
Ce renouvellement a pris cours le 1er mars 2017.

Le prix du certificat provisoire de 11,64EUR TVAc est passé vers le nouveau prix unitaire de 10,459EUR TVAc (y compris la rétribution régionale).

Le prix des passeports est passé de 0,75EUR TVAc à 0,90EUR TVAc par passeport.

Le document "Remplacement du passeport" n'est plus payant. Vous pouvez télécharger ce document via le site web "" (onglet "Professionnel", lien "Télécharger Remplacement du passeport").

Le bon de commande en bas de page est téléchargeable.

Rules for the movements of dogs, cats and ferrets: new from December 29, 2014:

29_9_2014 FR          29_9_2014 NL

In order to uniform the registration of the names of breeds a list with dog breeds has been created. Only the in the list mentioned breeds and the crossings with these breeds can be accepted for the registration of dogs in our database. This does not prevent to use possibly any other names of races on other documents. The list can be consulted by the link hereafter:

List of Breeds

Please note that the fields in green mention the original name of the races. You can however choose to indicate on identification documents, one of the listed names in the corresponding line of the race that you assign to the dog. It’s this name from the list which will be printed on the final certificate of the dog.

For questions about the documents, please consult the link "FAQ professional":

FAQ professional

Order and pay on-line

A new European regulation came into force on 1st October 2004. From this date, dogs, cats and ferrets travelling outside Belgium must have an identification number and a European passport.

DogID has been authorised to distribute these passports.

The Belgian legislation concerning the obligation for dogs to be identified, registered with DogID and to have a passport, remained unchanged.

The order form explains the different options available.

If you have any questions regarding this legislation, don't hesitate to call us on 02 333 92 22.

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